Irrefutable Evidence for Intelligent Design

Dr. Carl Painter was a thinker. He loved to help the people around him think. He was a man full of passion about freedom, his family, and his God. He wrote articles for magazines, talks, sermons, and letters. He nearly finished one book, My God, my God, Why Have I Forsaken You? Hopefully that will be published yet.

The following page is the first of many of his writings that we hope to post here. You can give feedback in the comments section. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge and Dad, Dr. Painter, had a healthy fear of our LORD. He was a man full of knowledge and he knew how to impart that knowledge to his students. Join with us as we glean from the thoughts of a man who knew how to live and how to die for the Glory of GOD our Father.

What Do We Stand For? “Irrefutable Evidence for Intelligent Design” by Carl Painter, PE., Ph.D.
Presented to the Park Hills Lyons Club, June 9, 2004

1. Information only comes form intelligence
2. Randomness is not scientific
3. Basic scientific method:
Hypothesis (educated guess) — Designed Experiments
Produces a Theory, years of confirming experiments to produce a Law.
4. DNA — bits of information packed in a single cell providing all the information needed to produce a living being
Example of Design: “In a single cell bacteria some 15,000 highly differentiated protein molecules are needed to sustain processes of life, and must be manufactured within the cell walls, in the right amounts and delivered to the right place to be assembled into the organs needed to carry on the various functions required for life. The bits of information needed just to manufacture these proteins are estimated at 4 to the 200 power. That power of magnitude exceeds the number of molecules in our galaxy.”

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