Resurrection Weekend Retreat, March 25-27, 2005

Dad (Dr. Carl Painter) passed away unexpectedly in February of 2005, and since we had just been through a funeral with Mom in September 2004 we all were a bit numb. It was really hard to imagine going through the meet-and-greet again so soon. Even though we knew others would be mourning Dad too, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to plan another “regular” funeral. We opted to have a very small burial service and to keep the date that was scheduled for a Creation Meeting on Friday, March 25th as a public memorial service in tribute to Dad’s life.

Mom and Dad hosted monthly Bible studies throughout my growing up years in French Village. When I was in college they moved to Virginia then to Illinois. Finally, in 2001 they moved back to French Village. In 2002 Dad used most of his retirement money to build a dream–a chapel on the hill, a repository for creation materials, a retreat center for young people, a gathering spot for family and friends, a safe refuge. As soon as there was a spot to sit, Mom and Dad restarted the monthly tradition. This time, however, the topic was creation. Mom and Dad had collected a huge number of videos and books about creation vs. evolution and they wanted to share what they had been learning with anyone who would listen. Mr. John Mark Henry, a mathematics professor that Dad recruited from Washington D. C. was scheduled to speak on March 25th.

Dad’s memorial service was attended by precious people: a student from Flat River Community College’s 1959 class, teachers from Lincoln Land Community College, Mineral Area College, and Edwardsville Illinois State University (Dad’s last teaching job), and many friends and family. After the service, Flat River Church of Christ helped with a pitch-in basket dinner. Then, with a nearly packed auditorium, John Mark Henry spoke.

On Saturday, March 26, we had a young-adult retreat at Oak Hill Chapel.

A questionnaire was used as a mixer. This is one sheet that a student filled out:
Find someone with blue eyes – Chad
Find someone born outside of Missouri – Joel
Find someone older than you – Chad
Find someone younger than you – Joel
Find someone with a middle name that starts with the same letter as your middle name does – Carrie
Find someone who likes to eat fish – Eddie
Find someone who does not like chocolate – (none listed)
Find someone who is taller than you – Chad
Find someone shorter than you – Hope

Ask 3 people what their favorite sport is:
1. soccer – Ethan
2. paintball – Chad
3. football – Joel

Find someone who has on white socks – Chad
Find someone who has on an earring – Hope
Ask someone what date they were baptized – 11/25/01
Pray for someone – Chad
Ask someone to pray for you – Joel

Chad led the following songs: Amazing Grace, Walk With Me, When We All Get to Heaven, Sing and Be Happy, and How Great Thou Art
Archie Abjerdon let the boys in a singing workshop and Mary Otte worked with the girls. We had a scavenger hunt in the woods and a beautiful chalk art presentation by Holly Sellers. The day was ended with singing around a campfire. Sunday morning, Resurrection Day, a Sunrise Service was held.

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