Change in Radiation Plans

Dear loved ones,

The doctor’s called this morning and changed the plans for radiation. They want to do more extension and complex radiation than thought before, so I go to Indianapolis Tues., tomorrow for a hour planning session. That may take a week to work it up on the computer. So I will probably start radiation next MWF.

Love you all,

One Reply to “Change in Radiation Plans”

  1. Carla had 5 hours of treatment yesterday. They had to do each tumor separately. She was encouraged by their diligence “to get it right.” They had to keep adjusting her to get the exact position. We praise our LORD for healthcare workers. What a blessing to see people willing to attack these diseases.

    We praise our LORD for Carla’s friend, Susie, that drove her yesterday from Cincinnatti to Indianapolis. She is planning on that again tomorrow. Lord’s willing Carla will get to meet with the cancer doctor on Monday and go over the biopsy. It showed a couple of spots on the liver and a nodule on the lung.

    Carla said here is her plan for March: Spend a week in Missouri to work on Mom and Dad’s house for the Creation meeting on March 11. She is a trooper for the LORD. In Him, us Painters

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