MD Anderson

Dear Prayer Warriors:
I know there are a lot of times in our lives in which we are not even aware that life and death decisions are being made but we do know we are at that point right now.

Carla has gone through the radiation treatment at Indiana University and the doctors and staff were fantastic. They are now recommending doxorubicin chemotherapy with a port in her chest. Sarcomas are notorious for not responding very well to chemotherapy but what else can you do? Surgery is probably the continued best option in Carla’s case that is going to be difficult. SO, before a chemo decision is made Carla is attempting to get the most information possible from people who deal with a lot of sarcoma patients. That place just happens to be MD Anderson in Houston, TX.

Our sister died there.
Our father was treated there.
Kind of interesting.

The plan is to head out on April 3 and Carla will go through a battery of scans again on April 4th – Mom’s birthday. The slides from her first tumor are there, too, so Lord’s willing someone will understand her particular cells in a way that will help make some decisions for future treatments.

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers for wisdom and healing. As a friend Margaret says, “Carla’s mission here on earth is not yet over. The old devil is trying to take her out.”

LOVE in our Mighty LORD – the Great Physician as Gail reminds us. We are thankful for earthly physicians and nurses but there is only One who can make all this make sense and make good come out of the pain and suffering and craziness.

In Christ JESUS, the Passover Lamb of GOD, Ann

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  1. Just wanted you to know we are praying fervently and often for you and all your family. We love you and we know our great God can do mighty things, We will continue to trust in Him for your healing. Love and prayers, Bernie & Janice

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