Carla’s On the Move

[From Ann]

Carla has been on the move. She went to North Carolina to see friends she hadn’t seen in years. She then went to Missouri and got to hold her grandnephew. Her most recent visit has been to Indiana to take a nephew to Purdue basketball camp. She helped me in the lab on Monday and is now back home for a bit. Oh, what fun it was to have here there!! She is a treasure.

As far as her health, she is fighting this stinking cancer. She is on low-dose chemotherapy and her leg seems about 80% normal. She has a little difficulty going up stairs but nothing to what she was experiencing in March. Oh, praise You, LORD for giving her her strength back. Her hair has begun to come out, but the chemo doctor told her that was good: it shows that the chemo is affecting growing cells. Hopefully the growing cancer is being affected, too.

THANKS for your prayers. She is being used by the LORD to minister to many along the way. It is fun to get to see what all she is doing. The company she worked for until recently gave her a new pool lining. No kidding! It is great. Their pool had been on its last leg, but now it is beautiful!! Praise you, LORD, for your amazing surprises!

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