Good Movies, Coming Right Up

Looking for a good movie? Check out the films recommended by BreakPoint, the ministry founded by Chuck Colson! Its five sections kick off with the star-studded “Films with a Christian Theme.” Don’t worry: there’s no embarassing low-budget films like you might have seen in your youth group growing up. By mining many years and many genres, BreakPoint’s compiled a list that has films with directors like Alfred Hitchcock and classics like Chariots of Fire and A Man for All Seasons. There’s lesser-known films like Sergeant York that explore complex issues like freedom of conscience. The following section, “Films with Moral Themes,” shows films like Sophie Scholl: The Last Days that shows several German students’ resistance to Nazism. “Other Worldviews and Philosophies” showcases films like 2001: A Space Odyessy. The next-to-last section has “Childrens’ Films with Biblical or Moral Themes,” and the list ends with films “Recommended by Centurions.” (“Centurions” are those striving to live out a Biblical Christian worldview).

One word of caution: when it comes to films, there are many standards, even among Christians. I would recommended using this list as a starting point. Before popping the popcorn and inviting your family and friends over, dig some more on the title that interests you. Some of the films have a short disclaimer after the description, alerting you to inappropriate content. But others (such as The Matrix) don’t. One place to look for more detailed information about possible objectionable material is Focus on the Family’s website Plugged In.

BreakPoint’s done families a huge favor, by compiling a list of classics and lesser known films. Let’s dig in!