Team Carla


Dear Precious Friends and Family:
We tried this before and really were encouraged by your input. Carla is again dealing with cancer: five tumors are in her spine. The neurosurgeon here at Indiana University/ Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis decided not to do surgery on the tumor on her neck. Radiation is a possibility to treat all the tumors on the spine, so that is the prayer now for the next treatment step.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and love.  I know the Lord is with me and I feel the comfort and peace from your prayers.
Love you all, Carla

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3 Replies to “Team Carla”

  1. Carla got to spend a week down at Mom and Dad’s place with Hazel and Mary. She is feeling so much better. God has been using her in mighty ways to meet with people and make plans for putting the place to use. Please plan on seeing her the first week of May at the Creation Expo there at the Chapel.

    1. Incredible that it is now a year later writing here – Carla is doing pretty well – WE PRAISE our LORD for you all and your prayers. The tumors have grown but she is mobile and busy! She was in a trial in Columbus, Ohio and the results of that trial are currently being evaluated. Hopefully some light will be shed on how this cancer can be defeated by a helping activate a person’s immune system. We love you and appreciate your journeying in this adventure with us. Please send us prayer requests!!

  2. THANKS for your prayers. Carla is on a low dose chemo regiment and is really doing pretty well. She has quit her job and doing a lot of ministry work. There are three “active” spots of the cancer right now but they are not hindering her mobility and the pain level is not a major problem. THANK YOU, LORD.

    There is some promising immunotherapy that she hopes to be a part of and we are all trying to understand better. Please let us pray for you all. Let us know what we can join in on praying for your needs, too.

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