What Do I See

What Do I See

 by Anonymous

The image of me . . .
when I look in the mirror,
what do I see?

Is it pleasing to Him?
The reflection I see?
Am I strong? Am I wise?
. . . as He wants me to be?

It isn’t the image the mirror reflects . . .
that’s nothing but dust from this earth.
In the heart and the soul of a woman of God . . .
therein lies the treasure of rubies . . . the worth.

It’s the time that I spend . . .
and the message I bring,
to others who see me each day.
Do they know how I love Him?
Are they able to tell . . .
Or do I carefully hide it away?

Is my lamp burning?
My vineyards, do they abound?
When you need a woman for service,
can I be found?

Oh, Lord, I want so to grow.
To be pleasing to You.
To give my life up to You, . . .
is what I must do.

For without You beside me . . .
my lamp would go out.
Wisdom would faulter . . .
and darkness abound.

In Proverbs You tell me, . . .
so clearly, Your words are so true.
You tell me exactly . . .
what You’d have me do.

When I reach out, woman to woman . . .
to another in need,
Oh, it takes but a moment,
to plant just one seed.

I pray it’s a seed I have planted
in a woman You’ll call.
As You whisper and tell her, . . .
“My daughter, . . . you excel them all.”

Use me, Lord!

One Reply to “What Do I See”

  1. 20/20In hindsight I view thgnis lost or given up for the Lord as true blessings. It is true that at times letting go of something (or someone) is what opens you to what God has for you, that otherwise you would have no room for.I prayed continually for the Lord to speak to me, teach me, mature me. It did not begin to happen until I gave up worldly music and stopped watching TV and secular movies which had content unbecomng a Christian.The result was hours of free time in which I persued the Lord through Bible study and prayer. I asked for good Christian books and theological study material, and soon I had hundreds of books from thrift stores and yard sales, which I got for a quarter here, dollar there. I was able to use the time most waste with TV to put several thousand hours study behind me in just a few years.I would urge any who are serious and madly in love with God to just ask Him, and be willing to let go of the world. He will turn your world upside down. I would have it no other way now, and the loss I do consider gain indeed.In godly love brothers and sisters- AMEN

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