Carla’s Biopsy

[From Ann]

Well, they took Carla in early.   She is in a big donut on her stomach so they can biopsy the largest tumor — the one in her sacrum bone.  They want to get tissue that is in the bone.  The tumor has broken out of the bone so it is easy to get to and it has pushed her nerves to one side so it is not likely that there will be any nerve damage because of the biopsy.

I asked the doctor if they have any ability to suck tumors out like they are basically sucking this sample out.  He said he has thought about that since the tumors are attached to other tissue it would be hard to get it all but at least you could get parts of it.  They take gall bladders out of tiny incisions now so at least most of a tumor could be removed this way and then radiate the rest. The plan we have heard so far is basically radiate the whole spine.

May our LORD direct the needle.


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  1. Carla, have been keeping you in prayer. I know that decisions on treatment can be difficult. Know this first hand.
    There is one thing that I also know ‘first hand,’ and that is, it seemed that I could feel prayers for me during difficult times. I have come to believe that when we are inspired to pray, that is the time to do it! Prayer changes things. My prayer is that you will fully feel the companionship of the Lord right beside you as you travel this journey. That companionship is more precious than the finest gold on this earth and can lead us to spiritual joys in the mist of trials. We hope for healing and that you can do the work set for you to do. In all things in this journey…we pray. Such a wonderful family.

  2. Carla,
    I met you at Ann’s church last fall. My daughter, Kirsten, attended a retreat last month with your daughter, Rebecca and your niece, Hannah. God is good to have allowed us to all become acquainted.
    I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.
    Diana Metz

  3. Carla is home and even went to work today (FRiday – February 15) Our prayer request is that this new biopsy reveals that these growths in the spine are NOT sarcoma – I know that sounds crazy but the doctor said that patients that get sarcoma can have other growths show up, too. There are probably worse things than sarcoma so I am really praying GOD’s will be done – He knows what is best for all of us. I do not believe it is His will that Carla have cancer but since He has allowed it He will also use it for something good.

    1. Carla is to be measured for radiation tomorrow (Tues, Feb 19 – Mary Beth’s birthday!) Unfortunately, the radiation department thought she was staying over Friday and were going to do the measuring then but her doctor released her so that now delays radiation for a week. The biopsy report will be in this week so maybe that is a good thing???

      A good friend asked me if Carla’s mission on earth is done and I said I don’t think so – she has much she would like to accomplish. My friend (Margaret) then said well then we will pray that the old devil is defeated in trying to stop her from her God given mission.

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